Abstract submission

Abstracts are submitted via Easychair by 15 January 2024 at the latest.

Please note that submitters have to be SLE members to submit an abstract. For SLE membership, please click here.

Abstracts should clearly state the research questions, approach, method, data and (expected) results. They should not contain the names of the presenters, nor their affiliations or addresses, nor any other information that could reveal their authorship. They should not exceed 500 words (including examples, excluding references). Abstracts should have the same title as the entry submitted via Easychair.

SUBMITTING MULTIPLE PAPERS. In order to guarantee diversity, one person may be the first author of only one submission of any kind (workshop paper, general session paper, poster, or workshop proposal); nobody is allowed to present or co-present more than two papers at an SLE conference (including workshops). You can co-author more than two papers but you cannot figure among the co-presenters at the conference (i.e. if you co-author more than two papers, you will have to play a background role).

Guidelines for your workshop or general session abstracts or poster abstracts (deadline: 15 January)

Step 1: Go to SLE 2024 Easychair submission page.

a) You already have an EasyChair account from a previous conference, you can use your existing account for this conference. Go to step 2. – Please note that you may experience problems if you try to log in with an address different from the one your account have been created.

b) Creating an EasyChair account: you do not have any EasyChair account – in this case, you should register first – just click at the “create an account” link on the login page and fill in the form. The system will send you an e-mail with the instructions how to finish the registration.

NOTE: Some mails servers at universities “filter out” the automatic e-mails send by the EasyChair system. In case you do not receive an e-mail from EasyChair (it may take some time), try to find it in “junk” e-mails. Sometimes this does not help and it is necessary to use another e-mail address.

Step 2: Enter your EasyChair username and password and log in.

Step 3: Click NEW SUBMISSION at the top of the page.

Step 4: By following the instructions fill in the form, upload your abstract, and then submit.
ATTENTION: Abstracts must be anonymous. Please avoid any reference to yourself in the text and make sure that your name does not figure in the file properties. See also SLE FAQ nr. 11.

After having submitted your abstract successfully, you should receive a confirmation e-mail from EasyChair.