Recommended hotels for the SLE conference in Helsinki

  • All the hotels on the list below (except Scandic hotels) have prebooked rooms available for the conference participants.
  • All these hotels offer rooms with a reduced rate if you use the reservation link and the code.
  • All the hotels are ideally located in the very heart of the city, close to the conference venue. 

Sokos Hotels

Reservations for all Sokos Hotels here; code BSLE2024; the quotas expire on 13.08.2024.

Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki (Kluuvikatu 8)

Single Room: €159 / Double Room: €179

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni (Yrjönkatu 26)

Single Room: €169 / Double Room: €189

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna (Asema-Aukio 2)

Single Room: €165 / Double Room: €185

Radisson Hotels

Reservations for all Radisson Hotels here; code SLE24; the quotas expire on 13.08.2024.

Radisson RED Helsinki (Vuorikatu 24)

Single Room: €148 / Double Room: €168

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel (Runeberginkatu 2)

Single Room: €140,82 / Double Room: €161,68

Scandic Hotels

Reservations for all Scandic Hotels here (no code needed)

The price range is in between 142 – 196 euros; the exact price depends on when the room is booked.

Scandic Kaisaniemi Helsinki (Kaisaniemenkatu 7)

Scandic Grand Central Helsinki (Vilhonkatu 13)

Scandic Grand Marina (Katajanokanlaituri 7)

Hobo Helsinki (Kluuvikatu 4)

Single Room: €145 / Double Room: €165

Reservations here (no code needed); the quotas expire on 21.07.2024.

Hotel Arthur (Vuorikatu 19)

Single Room: €140 / Double Room: €165

The quotas expire on 21.07.2024.

The prebooked rooms are only available between 20.8.2024 and 24.8.2024.

Reservations should be made by email at or; code SLE2024

Some options for budget accommodation

The local organizers recommend the following hotels and hostels for budget accommodation; they are much cheaper than regular hotels in Helsinki. There are no pre-booked quotas for these. And note that not all of them are centrally located.

Omena Hotel Lönnrotinkatu

Omena Hotel Yrjönkatu

Eurohostel (Linnankatu 9)

CheapSleep Hostel Helsinki (Sturenkatu 27)