On-site conference

Given the current generally positive evolution of the pandemic, the Executive Committee and the local organizers have decided that SLE 2022 Bucharest will be held as an on-site conference. We have discussed whether we can plan to meet in Bucharest while there is war raging in a neighbouring country. We believe we can. SLE was founded to build bridges between linguists from different parts of the world, and we think that at times when contacts are being interrupted and perturbed by violence, opportunities for personal communication and encounters are especially crucial. This is why we plan to go to Bucharest, hopefully with peace having returned.
We understand that international travel is still challenging for people in some parts of the world. Yet a hybrid form would entail scheduling and technical difficulties. Therefore, online dissemination will only be provided for plenary talks, including the round table. Individual Zoom presentations in General Sessions and Workshop Sessions will only be possible in exceptional cases. Please contact the Conference Manager should you wish to be considered for exceptional status.