Post-conference excursions

Excursion 1. Ceauşescu’s Mansion, Bucharest (Saturday 27 August 2022. 3.30 pm)

Price: 12€, including guided tour in English

Description: This restored villa is the former main residence of Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu. Everything has been returned to its former lustre, including the couple’s bedroom and the private apartments of the three Ceauşescu children. Highlights include a cinema in the basement, Elena’s opulent private chamber, and the back garden and swimming pool.

Excursion 2. National Village Museum, Bucharest (Saturday 27 August 2022. 3.30 pm)

Price: 10€, including guided tour in English

Description: On the shores of Herăstrău Lake, this museum is an open-air reconstruction of the authentic traditional Romanian village, with steep-roofed peasant homes, thatched barns, log cabins, watermills, churches, oil presses, road crucifixes and many more, relocated from rural Romania.

Excursion 3. A full-day trip to Sinaia, the Prahova Valley (Sunday 28 August 2022).

Price: 80€, including panoramic tour of Sinaia, entrance to Peleş and Pelişor castles, traditional Romanian lunch, English speaking guide, transportation

Description: Sinaia (120km from Bucharest) is a small picturesque town in the Carpathian Mountains, which is famed for its magnificent mountain scenery and royal castle. Peleș Castle is one of the best-preserved castles in Europe and the country’s most opulent palace. It is the former private retreat of Romania’s royal family and currently one of the greatest art collections in Eastern Europe.

Excursion 4. A full-day experience at Therme, Bucharest (Sunday 28 August 2022).

Price: 48€, including a full day pass to Elysium, and rent of a towel, bathrobe and flip flops (not included in the price: swimsuit, food and drinks)

Description: Located North of Bucharest, Therme is the largest thermal spa in Europe and Europe’s biggest urban beach, hosting not only swimming pools with thermal water, but also the largest public indoor and outdoor botanical gardens in the country.