List of workshop proposals

Calls on the Linguistlist

WS Anglicism research in Europe: from vocabulary to use (Gisle Andersen, Elizabeth Peterson & Eline Zenner)

WS Construction Grammar meets Sociolinguistics (Lotte Sommerer & Axel Bohmann)

WS Counterfactuals: Families of constructions (Jesús Olguín Martínez, Tom Bossuyt & Ellison Luk)

WS Encoding perception across languages: New insights and new methods (Denys Teptiuk, Stef Spronck & Tatiana Nikitina)

WS Epistemicity and dialogue: how is knowing negotiated in conversation? (Karolina Grzech & Henrik Bergqvist)

WS Exploring the Limits of Complex Predicates (Daniel Krausse, Katya Aplonova & Patryk Czerwinski)

WS Exploring the many aspects of the challenges of multimodality in linguistic studies, theories and approaches (Chris Smith, Araceli Gomes Fernandez & Jeanne Vigneron-Bosbach)

WS Factors in the differentiation between competence and performance in Ln acquisition: answers from an interdisciplinary perspective (Marta Rivera & Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes)

WS Lexical affixes (Kasper Boye, Mads Nielsen & Johanne Nedergaard)

WS Linguistic typology and the cognitive science of non-WEIRD languages (Antonio Benítez-Burraco, Sihan Chen & David Gil)

WS Marginal phonemes (Jack Rueter & László Fejes)

WS Mass nouns in a typological perspective (Michael Daniel,Silva Nurmio & Yvonne Treis)

WS Mismatches in Information Structure (Silvio Cruschina & Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)

WS Origin of Discourse Particles: Borrowing and Grammaticalization (Timofey Arkhangelskiy, Gerson Klumpp, Elena Markus, Marili Tomingas & Iuliia Zubova)

WS Passive and passivization across languages in dynamic and typological perspectives: conceptual and methodological challenges (Dominika Skrzypek, Agnieszka Słoboda & Piotr Sobotka)

WS Pathways to insubordination (Ezra la Roi, María Sol Sansiñena & An Van linden)

WS Phonological databases (Ian Joo)

WS Poetic language (Paul Widmer & Barbara Sonnenhauser)

WS Prosodic augmentation: the systematic expression of evaluation through prosodic means (Olga Lovick & Martin Kohlberger)

WS Psycholinguistic approaches to the study of heritage, Indigenous, and minoritized languages (Evangelia Adamou & Maria Khachaturyan)

WS Spatial (a)symmetries across languages (Anetta Kopecka & Benjamin Fagard)

WS Talking about truth, lies, and deception across languages and cultures (Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm, Alice Bondarenko, Henrik Bergqvist & Gaëlle Chantrain)

WS The Arabic (Semitic) Lexicon and its words (Abdelkader Fassi Fehri & Peter Hallman)

WS The concept of possibility and its morphological, syntactic and pragmatic realizations in natural language (Patrick Duffley & Olivier Duplâtre)

WS The Determinism Assumption in Morphology (Dunstan Brown & Neil Bermel)

WS The Limits of the Comparative Method: Innovative Approaches to Understanding Orphan Languages (Abbie Hantgan & Rik van Gijn)

WS The semantic transparency of morphologically complex words (Richard Huyghe, Justine Salvadori & Rossella Varvara)

WS Young speakers of indigenous languages (Ksenia Shagal, Daria Zhornik, Vlada Baranova & Arzhaana Syuryun)