List of accepted workshops

WS 1: A hundred years of negative concord

Convenors: Johan van der Auwera & Chiara Gianollo

WS 2: Complementation and relativization

Convenors: Tabea Ihsane & Lena Baunaz

WS 3: Discourse alignment and prediction

Convenors: Liesbeth Degand, Mercedes Villalobos Cardozo & Junfei Hu

WS 4: Disentangling topicality effects

Convenors: Doriana Cimmino & Pavel Ozerov

WS 5: Experimental and Corpus-Based Approaches to Ellipsis

Convenors: Gabriela Bîlbîie, James Griffiths & Volker Struckmeier

WS 6: How to mark the truth: a cross-linguistic approach to verum

Convenors: Anna Kocher & Izabela Jordanoska

WS 7: Language in narrative and song: Dedicated grammar, linguistic creativity and endangered oral traditions

Convenors: Izabela Jordanoska & Stef Spronck

WS 8: Lexical and fixed word stress

Convenors: Mirena Patseva, Bistra Andreeva & Vesela Chergova

WS 9: Multifactorial approaches to word order change

Convenors: Pierre Larrivée & Cecilia Poletto

WS 10: Nominalization across Arawakan languages

Convenors: Françoise Rose & Magdalena Lemus

WS 11: Spatial and social separation of speech communities and language change

Convenors: Ezequiel Koile, Michael Daniel, Pierpaolo Di Carlo, Jeff Good, & Susanne Maria Michaelis

WS 12: Subordination and language change: new cross-linguistic approaches and perspectives

Convenors: Iker Salaberri, Annemarie Verkerk & Anne Wolfsgruber