Special issue of FL or FLH

Folia Linguistica / Folia Linguistica Historica Special Issue 2022: Call for Proposals

Folia Linguistica / Folia Linguistica Historica invites proposals for special issues (or theme issues) reflecting high-quality, innovative research on any linguistic topic covered by either of the journals.

Proposals should contain:

(i) a description of the research topic, including a brief status quaestionis,

(ii) the research questions to be addressed,

(iii) a list of prospective contributors + titles of papers + abstracts (300 to 500 words);

(iv) a short account of how the proposed contributions address the research questions/research topic.

Proposals will be assessed by (selected) members of the editorial board and by the editors of Folia Linguistica and Folia Linguistica Historica

Please send proposals to O.C.M.Fischer@uva.nl by 1 December 2020. Selection of the special issue can be expected by 15 January 2021.

Some further particulars:

– Maximum length of a special issue: about 200 pages (average word count per page is 350).

– The special issue should comprise an introduction by the guest-editors.

– Guest-editors can be (co-)author of one article.

– Contributions to special issues will be subject to the same reviewing procedure as regular submissions, that is, blind peer-review by two reviewers external to the issue.

– The special issue will be published in the second half of 2022.

– Proposals may, but need not, come out of SLE workshops.