October 2019

Welcome to the first CIPL Newsletter!
CIPL is an international organization founded to assist in the development of linguistic science. It tries to further linguistic research and to co-ordinate activities undertaken for the advancement of linguistics. CIPL was founded in 1928, and has continuously grown and evolved with the trends in modern linguistics. In 1992, the theme of “endangered languages” was put forward as a main topic and since then, CIPL has been supporting summerschools on language endangerment. Read more

Travel grants for advanced students in linguistics
CIPL announces 5 annual travel grants of €500 each (approx. US$550) for participation at a linguistics conference. Advanced students in linguistics without a PhD are eligible to receive a one-time grant to help fund their participation in a linguistics conference. Read the procedure here and fill in the application form.

Organizing the ICL21
CIPL is responsible for the organization of the International Congress of Linguists (ICL), which is held every five years, customarily between mid-July and mid-September. CIPL invites any organization or institution that is a member of CIPL to organize the 21st ICL. The guidelines on CIPL’s website have been slightly adjusted: and also include now a format for a bid.

Introducing: Abralin and HiSoN
In every newsletter one or two members of CIPL will introduce themselves. In this first letter we learn more about the Brazilian Linguistics Association (Abralin) by Prof Miguel Oliveira Jr. and the Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HiSoN) by Prof Wim Vandenbussche.    

Crowdfunding for Endangered Languages
CIPL has decided to do more for endangered languages, regarding this as part of its principal activities. However, since our own resources are insufficient, an additional financial policy is needed, and CIPL has opted for crowdfunding. Prof Piet van Sterkenburg, Honorary Secretary-General of CIPL, writes about Thomas Bridges (1842-1898), a missionary who worked among the Yamana Indians in inland Patagonia. Please read his story and why he wrote this for us.    

The Linguistic Bibliography 2018 has been published
The manuscript of LB 2018 has been published on September 26th 2019, and contains 60 + 1,560 pages, setting a new record. Meanwhile, work is already in full swing on Linguistic Bibliography for the Year 2019. Since the delivery of the 2018 manuscript, 4,703 new bibliographical references have been added to the database (reaching a total of 465,960), 172 journals have been updated, 8 new journals have been added, and 49 new language keywords have been added.    

Indigenous languages of Russia
2019 has been announced by the United Nations as The year of Indigenous Languages and in this context CIPL and the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) organized an international conference “Linguistic Forum 2019: Indigenous languages of Russia and beyond”. Read more…    

Rethinking the 20th International Congress of Linguists
Doctor Yekaterina Yakovenko wrote about one of the brightest events in her life: the ICL20 in Cape Town last year. Read her story here.    

Secretary-General: Prof Frieda Steurs
Associate Secretary-General: Prof Camiel Hamans
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