Award Winners at the 2018 Tallinn Conference

Best Postdoc Paper

1 Karolina Grzech: 'Sounds like an adverb? Morphosyntactic properties of ideophones in Amazonian Kichwa'
2 Éva Dékány, Katalin Gugán and Orsolya Tánczos: 'Khanty relative pronouns and the clauses that contain them'
3 Nele Ots and Piia Taremaa: 'Processing spontaneously spoken language: the interplay between phonetic, syntactic, and pragmatic cues in Estonian' Ksenia Shagal: 'Towards a typology of participial systems'

Best PhD Paper

1 Stefano De Pascale, Stefania Marzo and Dirk Speelman: 'Token-based Vector Space Models as semantic control in sociolinguistic research on lexical variation'
2 Nina Julich-Warpakowski: 'Are Motion Metaphors for Music Low in Metaphoricity? A Rating Study'
3 Florian Matter: 'Gliding into a smaller inventory: A reanalysis of diphthongs in Bernese German'

Best Poster

1 Matthias Urban: 'The linguistic prehistory of Northern Peru: the case of Chachapoyas'
2 Irina Khomchenkova: 'Marker -ge in Hill Mari: is it really a comitative?'
3 Stepan Matejka and Filip Smolik: 'The validity of a parental-report measure of grammar in Czech: acquisition of verb and noun forms'