Award Winners at the SLE 2022 Conference (Bucharest)

Best Postdoc Paper

1 Lena Borise (Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics). Acoustic correlates of initial and final stress in Udmurt.
2 Eri Kashima (University of Helsinki). Marriage patterns and language contact: Initial results from a worldwide comparison.
3 David Inman (University of Zürich). Singular-plural stem alternation: A detailed typology and global distribution.

Best PhD student paper

1 Tammy Ganster (Universität Trier). Individual differences and the morphology-phonology interface: Stress placement in complex English words.
2 Alexander Rice (University of Alberta). Strengthening the signal: Comparing narrative data from Amazonian Kichwa using three discourse elicitation methods.
3 Olena Shcherbakova (MPI for the Science of Human History). Grammatical complexity is only weakly influenced by the sociolinguistic environment.

Best Poster presentation

1 Sofiya Ros and Giada Palmieri (Utrecht University). Reciprocal marking in Wolof.
2 Bianca Maria De Paolis (Università di Torino). Cleft structures in native and non-native discourse: first results from a study on Italian and French.
3 Zoe Tribur (Nankai University). Revisiting mirativity in Tibetan--synchronic variation and diachronic development of an autonomous category.