Award Winners at the SLE 2019 Leipzig Conference

Best Postdoc Paper

1 Anne Wolfsgruber (Humboldt University Berlin) and Iker Salaberri (Public University of Navarre, Pamplona). Reflexive constructions and areal relationships: A typological-diachronic analysis of replica grammaticalization.
2 Guglielmo Inglese (University of Pavia). The emergence of reflexive markers: the case of Hittite?
3 Sebastian Sauppe et al. (University of Zürich). Partial overlap of syntactic configurations between sentences affects oscillatory activity during sentence planning in the brain.

Best PhD student paper

1 Theresa Matzinger (University of Vienna). Middle English Open Syllable Lengthening produced canonical word form shapes.
2 Alexandra Navarrete-González (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona). The marking and interpretation of contrast in Catalan Sign Language (LSC).
3 Chiara Calderone (Ca' Foscari University of Venice). Sentence topics in Italian Sign Language (LIS).

Best Poster

1 Nikita Kuzin (Free University of Berlin). Inalienable possession in Ṭuroyo: a corpus study.
2 Charlotte Hemmings (University of Oxford). Information Structure and Syntactic Choices in Northern Sarawak.
3 Victoria Kazakovskaya, Reili Argus and Sigal Uziel-Karl (Tallinn University). Expressing certainty and uncertainty in child and child-directed speech in three typologically different languages.